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Update: Alright, I feel I have some explaining to do, having not posted anything here in ages. I thought I’d use this response as a means of giving you all an update, since nobody notices text posts from an image oriented blog, just a lesson in life. Basically I just wanna explain my one millionth absence. I after finishing an animation that I was working on for a while in Summer, I wanted to take a break, and spent most of my time on Dark Souls and Super Mario Galaxy, as well as catching up on some TV shows, friends, and basically just enjoying being free from work for a bit (not that I hate doing this, but I needed a break). I’ll be back in Uni shortly too so I’ll be back not posting as much stuff here as I’d want, but I will try harder at it.

In fact, I’d also like to announce that I’m gonna be making another mlp ask blog. I might make it later today, actually. It’ll be called “Ask Deroy”, about a version of Derpy that’s a huge jerkass because she’s sick of everybody continuously believing her real name is “Derpy” because of her lazy eye. It’ll be more 18+ gross out humour oriented than the more character-driven Ask Nephelle. That doesn’t mean I’ll ignore this blog though, continue asking Nephelle questions, and maybe drop by Deroy’s blog and ask her some questions, if of course you don’t mind the inevitable period joke that may follow.

Racing to Oblivion (Super Best Friends Play animation)

Mod: Hey guys I totally made this animation!